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Need to find daily uninstall advertising id fo devices

Teletext Admin

Hi Guys,

We are using the below API for getting the uninstall advertising id but the issue is that we are using EARLIEST inthe start section & in this case we dont know hor far it goes back in time to retrieve the data .

Is there a way by which we know the exact duration for which we will get the historical data ?? This will help us to store non duplicate records at our end


curl -vv \
--compressed \
-H "Authorization: Bearer *****************************************" \
-H "X-UA-Appkey: **************************" \
-H "Accept: application/vnd.urbanairship+x-ndjson; version=3;" \
-d '{"filters":[{"types":["UNINSTALL"]}],"start":"EARLIEST"}'

Thanks & Regards,


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We have responded to your support ticket, but wanted to provide information here as well.

For each app key authorized to use Real-time Data Streaming, Airship stores 7 days or 100GB worth of data, whichever comes first. 


Each event contains an offset that denotes its location on the stream. If a client disconnects for any reason, it should reconnect with instructions to start at the last offset it successfully processed, to avoid missing any data.

Brian G
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Hi Brian,


What change we need to do in the above code so that we get yesterday data correctly in our system.

Also what will happen If we write LATEST instead of EARLIEST in the type section of code

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