Cannot configure iOS devices for push notification


I am not able to configure iOS devices for push notification service as I am facing some issues(Please refer to the screenshot attached).

I have already checked if the certificate that I am uploading is of Development or Production.

I had already configured the iOS devices long back but suddenly I have lost the configuration for only iOS (not Android).

Can anyone please help me in this regards.



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    Hi Matt,

    Darragh here from Airship Support. Thanks for writing into our forums.

    So, it appears as though our system is not recognising your certificate as development. I know that this is a bit of an inconvenience, but would you mind creating a new Development Certificate and attempting to upload this, please?

    Apple Certificates are only valid for one year so yours may have expired, which would remove it from our system - this is not the guaranteed answer as to why it is no longer in your app, but the most likely the cause.

    Please let us know if the new Development Certificate that you create doesn't work.

    Kind regards,

    Darragh Blake
    Technical Support Engineer

    Portland | San Francisco | London | Paris | New York | New Delhi

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