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Migration of UA SDK from 9 to 10.


I'm an Android developer and now one I wanna do the migration of UA SDK from 9 to 10. 

While doing it some questions came and I hope you can help me or address it to anyone who can.

Here it goes:

-Related to Inbox

We do not use the default list of messages, we have implemented ours. The problem is, after open the message and press back, the default menu of messages opens. Is there some way to bypass it?


-Related to messages:

I am facing some ghost messages here, not sure where it comes from. The images can explain it better. One image is the original message and the other is the ghost.

I am following the documentation here: but it is not updated on version 10


Thanks in advance

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Hi Fabio,

If you're migrating from 9 to 10 (you should be on 11 as that is the latest version), you can follow the migration guides below:

9 to 10:

10 to 11:

Regarding the default style (I'm assuming this is what they're meaning by the "default menu") is showing up, you're likely not changing the style in your project. That is, you've not set it up in the styles resources.

Like this (attributes and example included):

Please correct me if this is not the case.

Regarding the "ghost messages", there are no images attached so its hard to understand what you mean. Can you re-attach them so we can look into it?

Kind regards,

Chilun Liu

Airship Support London

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We are also experiencing similar issues with the back button navigating to the default message center fragment. This was working fine in Airship v9.0. We are currently on version 11.0.1. We rolled back the versions and it worked fine. So it is definitely because of the update.

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