Android Airship 11.0.1 messagecenter backbutton navigates to default message center

Hello, after the update from Airship 9 to Airship 11.0.1, our navigation from a push notification broke.

Now, for some odd reason, every time the user gets a message center push notification, the MessageCenterActivity is navigated to BEFORE the push notification is handled.

So the user would be on the CustomMessageCenterDetailActivity and on back press, they would be navigated to the MessageCenterActivity (default activity with the list of inbox messages).

The default MessageCenterActivity should NOT be on the stack, since we never triggered it. Is there a flag we am missing??


However, if we navigate to the custom message center from within the app, everything is working fine.


Please help!

Gagan Singh

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  • Hello,

    What you describe would be expected behavior, If you include a Message Center message with a push, but also include a deeplink on the push as well, the Message Center takes precedence.

    You can change this, however, but it would require overwriting the default Message Center action using the action registry

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  • I apologize, i have my terminology mixed up. We are simply creating a push notification with message center. And it is navigating to default Message Center before it navigates to the CustomMessageCenterDetail Activity. So when i hit back button, it shows an activity that was never manually added to the backstack (default Message Center Activity)


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  • So i figured out it is opening the default MessageCenterActivity because OpenRichPushInboxAction is opening it on push notification opened by calling the showMessageCenter method.


    Is there a way to disable OpenRichPushInboxAction from triggering on push notification opened?


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  • Any updates on how to actually resolve this?

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  • Resolved with version 11.0.2.

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