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Send email when app is not re-install?

IT Admin
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RE: Hi All,

We want to send email to users when app is not re-install.
Is there any Re-Install event?

Use Case:
If user not re-install our APP in x days once user uninstalled our APP.
In this situation we lose the users so we want engage the users who are not re-install our APP.

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Hello there,

There is no re-install event at present; however, I can ask internally to see if this is something that may be introduced at some point but it can be a bit tricky depending on the target platform (iOS or Android). I would recommend building a condition internally within your app to check what the uninstalled date is and compare that to the local date on the device if x days have surpassed then flag 'Not Reinstalled'.

Kind regards,
Chilun Liu
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