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iOS Messages not arriving with push API

Randy Rice

Currently, any iOS message sent via push API to endpoint: is not being delivered to the device.  Urban Airship is sending us back a valid response, however the device never recieves the message. 

We have confirmed that Android devices are receiving the message via the same API call.

We have also confirmed that iOS devices do receive the message with the same payload with same channelID sent via the Test Push page. 

The response we get from the push api is below.  you'll see we get an OK response even though the message does not get delivered.


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Disregard.  This was due to the user having the app open while waiting for the push notification.

Randy Rice 0 votes
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This is Eric from Airship Technical Support.

If it does continue to be a problem, please leave another comment and we can look into the issue.

Thank you,

Eric L.
Technical Support Engineer
Airship | Portland

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