Create Template and add rich messages to paritial pushpayload

I want to create a push template using java sdk.

I am able to add in app and notifications to the template, and push notifications sent out ok

but when I add rich messages, and i can't create template, the error is:

400, bad request message not allowed


Does airship supporting this? 


Example code:

RichPushMessage.newBuilder().setBody("hey hey").setTitle("inbox").build()).build()

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  • Anyone can help?

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  • More Error message:

    Parsing of json failed. Expected to be at field name token but was START_ARRAY


    my payload

            "title":"push2inbox UA: {{username}} {{location}}",
             "body": "Click {{username}} {{location}}",
    } ,


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  • Hello Qian,

    At the moment, templates with rich-push are not supported right now in the current version of the API, but they will be very soon! No ETA as of yet, but a formal email/communication will be distributed to everyone once this is available.

    Thank you and regards,

    Chilun Liu

    Airship Support

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  • I see, thanks

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