ANR NotificationProxyReceiver (Android SDK 13.3.2)

I'm facing an Android Not Responding when using a custom action launched on background.

/ActivityManager: ANR in
PID: 23042
Reason: Broadcast of Intent { act=com.urbanairship.push.ACTION_NOTIFICATION_RESPONSE cat=[cc3b9c19-505e-4f64-84db-dd0aab25f5b8] flg=0x10000010 bnds=[660,645][820,741] (has extras) }
Load: 10.66 / 9.27 / 8.36

// Define actions for the group
val saveButtonAction: NotificationActionButton = NotificationActionButton.Builder("nyp_save")

and for the action:

override fun shouldRunOnMainThread() = false

After I click on the Save action, and the app is in foreground, it get's stuck for about 10 seconds

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