How to deactive specific project for some time?


This question is regarding deactivating specific project for sometime instead of deleting the entire project. Or let's If i'm not using Airship for notifications, but i do not want to un-install channels, simply de-active and stop the billing. And whenever I want to i want to re-activate again. is there any provision within the Airship.

Currently I'm not using Airship for notifications, however i do not want to un-install channels, but reduce the billing.



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  • Hello, 

    Thanks for contacting our support team. 

    Unless I made a mistake, your contract allows you to contact our support directly via ticket.
    So, I took the liberty of creating a ticket for you in order to ensure an optimal follow-up of your request.
    It will be easier to exchange this request via a ticket, as the answer depends on several parameters. 

    Thanks in advance for your understanding. 

    Best regards, 

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