Custom event properties in handlebars are not updating for in-app automation message. (Dynamic data insertion)

Hi Team,

We are trying to incorporate in app automation messaging with handlebars for our app for that at air ship dashboard the message trigger is set to an custom event and its properties we are using in automation message with handlebar syntax.

But the dynamic content from custom event properties are not updating while the automation message is presented in app. Please help us to resolve the issue.

Note: while using attributes inside handlebars the message is updated correctly. but for custom events its not updating.

Below are the steps we followed

In Dashboard message creation.


In APP notification we are getting without the handle bar contents:

In code we are using retail browsed custom template and also another custom event.

            let retailTemplate = UARetailEventTemplate.browsedTemplate(withValue: 100)

            retailTemplate.category = "drugs"

            retailTemplate.identifier = drug.gsn?.stringValue ?? ""

            retailTemplate.eventDescription = "Low top"

            retailTemplate.transactionID = "13579"

            retailTemplate.brand = "SpecialBrand"

            retailTemplate.isNewItem = true

            let retailEvent = retailTemplate.createEvent()


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  • Hello, 

    Handlebars can be used with properties from custom events only to trigger a journey or an automation rule. 
    Unfortunately, custom events can't be used to insert dynamic content into a message. 

    I will raise feedback for our product team about a possible Enhancement Request. However, I can't guarantee that this functionality will be added to our platform nor can I give you a timeline if we plan to add it

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