WorkManager is not initialized properly.

Hi, we've recently introduced AndroidX's startup library ( to our app, implementing Initializers and adding them to the manifest. 

Since then, on app startup, we receive the following error log from UAirship: 

UALib: Scheduler failed to schedule jobInfo
com.urbanairship.job.SchedulerException: Failed to schedule job
java.lang.IllegalStateException: WorkManager is not initialized properly. You have explicitly disabled WorkManagerInitializer in your manifest, have not manually called WorkManager#initialize at this point, and your Application does not implement Configuration.Provider.

Why is this happening?
My suggested solution would be to implement an own, custom initializisation of WorkManager as described in the docs ( which seems to fix the problem (no error log anymore from UAirship), but I wanted to check here if this is a known problem and what the suggested solution from UA is. 

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