Weird issues while trying send broadcast messages from Airship dashboard for iOS devices only.

In our existing project, either via broadcast or specific target, when the only iOS channel is selected, it is throwing the error as captured in the screenshot. But when the Android channel is also selected, it doesn't throw any error. Also, the broadcast pushes to all iOS devices are receiving, but specific target-based pushes are going through.

iOS Configuration is perfect and latest.

  • Error 40000: Could not parse request body. No configured device_types could be resolved from request.
  • Composer ID: REgXq07tRP6p4sONvWINyA
  • Operation ID:

Please advice. This is a blocker. Thank you.


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  • Hello Kiran,

    This error message usually happens when the APNS setup is not correctly configured.

    Make sure your certificate or your APNS keys are correct.

    Feel free to double check our documentation if needed:

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  • Thanks, Martin, for the quick response. I have suspected the same and double-checked on the APNS setup. It's was good.
    What confuses me is, I was able to send the push notification to the iOS devices successfully when I select target-based and choose iOS-based ChennelId explicitly, but not on brodcast. That means there shouldn't be an issue with APNS setup right.

    Please advice. Thanks.

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  • Hi Martin, I have discarded the whole iOS configuration and configured it again with a fresh key in Token-based Authentication,
    and it was working all good now.

    Earlier we have configured both token-based authentication and also certificate-based authentication, probably that certificate got expired or there was a conflict because of twos setups.

    I wish the error messages were self-explanatory.

    Thank you.

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