Push works in development, but not in production - iOS Obj-C and Swift

My named user and channel are getting setup and showing in airship dashboard, but zero sends to production builds.

Works fine in development builds.

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  • Mark,

    This is Eric from Airship Technical Support. When you are using a Live Production build, it needs to be either downloaded from the Appstore or be distributed via an AdHoc distribution like TestFlight. Please see our production check list in the Warning Box here: https://docs.airship.com/platform/ios/getting-started/#prod-vs-dev-apps

    If you are downloading your app from either the Appstore/Adhoc, then you will need to double check that your AppKeys are provisioned for Live and that your push credentials are also for Production.

    Thank you,

    Eric L.
    Technical Support Engineer
    Airship Group | Apptimize | Portland

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  • This is a TestFlight build I am speaking of.

    I'm using the new APNS key system.
    I've also checked to make sure that my productions keys are being used.  They are.

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  • I have double checked all the things you mentioned and they are set correctly

    This app was working until I upgraded airship from an old revision.

    Works fine in development but not production.


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  • I've run through all the setup and troubleshooting at least 4 times.  Works great in Dev and not at all in Prod.
    Airship is registering my channel properly at the back-end, but still no love on test sends.  How can I get some direct help?



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