Android devices do NOT receive push notification from Airship dashboard

When sending a push notification from UrbanAirShip to all devices, android devices do not receive thus notifications,


Android build uses AirShip version 14.5.1

google-services.json properties all are the same, nothing different

The android app uses firebase services:

  • firebase-crashlytics:17.3.0'
  • firebase-analytics:19.0.0'
  • firebase-messaging:22.0.0'
  • firebase-core:19.0.0'

Android build details:

  • minSdkVersion = 21
  • targetSdkVersion = 29
  • builToolsVersion = '28.0.3'

APK details:

  • Debug build. details

  • fcmSenderId & gcmSenderId are the same as the firebase project for this app and in airship setting page.
  • Server Key in firebase cloud messaging is the same as server key in the airship settings page.
  • developmentAppKey & developmentAppSecret are the same in and airship settings page.
  • inProduction flag is false to use development app key and secret as configured.

Device details:

  • Samsung S8, Samsung s7
  • realme pro 2   Android 10.
  • emulator, pixcel 2 Android 10
  • All devices are connected to the internet with high bandwidth. (tested by speed test website).

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  • Also seeing this issue on an S8 and a Pixel 3

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