Change AirshipConfig values depending which Environment

How can we Change the “” files values depending on which Environment app going to build in both Android and IOS 

Currently there the two properties 

developmentAppKey , developmentAppSecret 

productionAppKey , productionAppSecret

Is it possible to maintain another property like QA or Staging because my App has three environments Production, Development, and Staging 

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  • Hi Nimesh,


    Thank you for reaching out to Airship Technical Support! QA and Staging environments are treated as Production environments at Airship. If you'd like to distribute a QA build to internal employees, it would need to be a Production build. 


    In addition to this, you can configure the values in both plist and the .properties file programmatically. Here's helpful documentation on how to do that in iOS and Android respectively: iOS and Android


    In order to update the values, you will need to determine which build you're using and set the appropriate keys. Or, alternatively, you can also have three separate builds for each environment. 


    If you have any additional questions or concerns, please kindly let us know as we'd be happy to help! 


    Thank you for your time and patience in advance. 


    Best Wishes,

    Ashley Y. 

    Technical Support Engineer | New York

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