Channel creation failed with response HTTPResponse(status=401)


I have check all similar posts, but I could not find a good answer.

I have created the simplest configuration. I am using your iOS sample app where I have filled my bundle id and my project keys (app and secret)

I am still getting 401 when the channel should be created.

I can provide my keys and logs if needed.






2022-01-14 11:05:44.297586+0100 Sample[79928:5200239] [Airship] [D] AirshipCore/ChannelAPIClient.swift createChannel(withPayload:completionHandler:) [Line 55] Channel creation finished with response: <NSHTTPURLResponse: 0x283e0cbc0> { URL: } { Status Code: 401, Headers {

    "Alt-Svc" =     (

        "h3=\":443\"; ma=2592000,h3-29=\":443\"; ma=2592000"


    "Content-Length" =     (



    "Content-Type" =     (



    Date =     (

        "Fri, 14 Jan 2022 10:05:44 GMT"


    Via =     (

        "1.1 google"


    "Www-Authenticate" =     (

        "Basic realm=\"API\""


} }

2022-01-14 11:05:44.297805+0100 Sample[79928:5200239] [Airship] [D] AirshipCore/ChannelRegistrar.swift createChannel(payload:task:) [Line 304] Channel creation failed with response HTTPResponse(status=401)

2022-01-14 11:05:44.297886+0100 Sample[79928:5200239] [Airship] [I] AirshipCore/Channel.swift registrationFailed() [Line 565] Channel registration failed



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  • Hi there! Thanks so much for reaching out to support, I just have a few questions to start:

    • Where specifically did you find your app key and secret (do not share your app key/secret here as this is a public forum)?
    • Did you copy/paste them or type them manually? 
    • If you typed them manually, would you mind copy/pasting them into your project, instead?
    • Can you verify that your bundle and team IDs match in your Apple developer portal, your code, and in your Airship dashboard? 

    Best wishes, 

    Frenchy F.
    Technical Support Engineer | Airship | New York


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