Custom Events iOS - How to send an array of items on the properties object


I am sending custom events to Airship, along with properties on the properties object. I am able to access properties on the properties object when I send data along with a custom event like this:

let addToCartRetailTemplate = UARetailEventTemplate.addedToCart()
let addToCartRetailEvent = addToCartRetailTemplate.createEvent()
var propertyDictionary = Dictionary <String, Any>()
propertyDictionary["brand"] = "brand_value" = propertyDictionary

But I can't access properties sent as an array of objects. How do I send/access properties on the properties object when sending an array of objects? I want to send something like this to Airship

    "items": [
          "brand": "brand_value"

so I can access it like the example in your documentation: 

{{#each items}}

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  • Hi Nathan, 

    Since you fall under Footlocker support, I've gone ahead and created a support ticket for you. Please respond there for further support. 

    Best wishes, 

    Frenchy F.
    Technical Support Engineer | Airship | New York

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  • In iOS development, when working with custom events, you often need to send additional data along with the event to provide context or detailed information. If you need to send an array of items within the properties object of a custom event Explore now, you can do so by serializing your array into a format that can be passed as a parameter.

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