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Please can you give some sample application in ios using cordova plugin. I would like to put button(interactive ) in notification in ios. Is it possible in cordova plugin. Please can u help me for this. 

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  • Hi Shan,

    Are you looking to add Custom Interactive Notifications to your app? Or use the preexisting ones that come with the SDK?

    If you're wanting to use the interactive buttons that come with the SDK, you don't need to touch anything in the code. Instead, when composing a new message within the dashboard, you can use the Buttons options to add those interactive buttons to your notifications.

    Similarly, if you will be using the API to send notifications, you can include the Interactive field in your API request and specify which button pairing you would like to use.

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  • Hi, 

    I would like to do custom button with preexisting ones.  For example in my notification three button two buttons are custom and one button are pre existing button(Share). 

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  • It looks like you created a new forum post for this, so I'll answer your question there.

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