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Hi All,

I was unable to working with Connect API through curl and java client.

1.How can we send notification through connect API?
2.How can we send notification when app is first open event?
3.How Can we send notification when app is open event?
4.How can we send notification when app is UNINSTALL event and remaining events?

Can any provide examples on each event of connect API?

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  • Hi Wagnon,

    Please see my answers below:

    1. This is not possible. Urban Airship Connect is not used for sending push notifications. You must have purchased Urban Airship Connect in order to use this feature at all. To read more about what Urban Airship Connect is, please follow this guide here

    2. You can use our Automation feature, part of the Urban Airship Engage product, to send a notification to a user when the app has been opened for the first time.

    3. Same as #2

    4. When a user uninstalls the app, the user will not be able to receive any more notifications to that device. If, instead, you would like to send an email or some other notification to said user, please look at the Connect product line. Note, to use Connect, you must have this purchased as part of your plan.

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