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Please let me know if we can use your server-side API to do push notifications for apple (and possibly android) devices but not to use your device SDK on the phone/iPad. The reason I'm asking is that your server side API documentation says that we need to pass device channel for your server-side API instead of device token, and that channel is your company specific thing so I assume it can be generated only by using your device SDK on the phone/iPad.
Please clarify.

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  • Sergey,

    Unfortunately this is not something that Urban Airship supports.

    Customers cannot use Urban Airship server-side and not using the SDK. You must use the SDK when using Urban Airship. 


    With regards to Channels, you are correct, they are a company specific thing. The Channel ID is an identifier that also ties into the Device Token on iOS, so you'll still have access to this information. However, because of how often Device Tokens may change, if you are not managing them correctly on the app side, you may encounter situations where the Device Token you're sending to is no longer valid.

    This is where the SDK comes in because we keep track of the Device Token for you, via the Channel ID.

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