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Named User Lookup: Production/Development Apps

Zachary Buchanan

I successfully tested and implemented Named Users with my development apps, and was therefore able to do a named user lookup on them. But when this code went into my production app, it doesn't appear that the Named Users are getting pushed. Do I need to do anything special to see this working in production apps?

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You shouldn't need to do anything special. However, when switching between Development and Production environments, that also means you'll have two separate app keys.

You'll want to make sure within the Production app in the Urban Airship dashboard that you've allowed setting Named Users from the app. You can find this in the Settings page under APIs & Integrations.

Michael Halka 0 votes

Turns out that the "allow named users to be set from devices" was only enabled on my test apps. Thanks for the reminder! This fixed the problem.

Zachary Buchanan 0 votes