Push notification message is not received on my android device

I am implementing UrbanAirship SDK in my application that name is MyApplicationNew. After running app we get channel Id, but when we sent notification message on that channel Id, notification is not receiving on my mobile device. I checked all point one by one and found that all point is correct. I have also another app that name is MyApplicationOld implemented UrbanAirship sdk, and that is working fine.

When we add MyApplicationOld credential in my MyApplicationNew like airshipconfig.properties file, change package name from new app to another app and change package name of receiver class on AndroidMenifest, then notification is receiving from MyApplicationOld notification panel, but on Same code when we change credential and package name of MyApplicationNew, notification is not receiving, when we send from new application notification panel.

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  • Hi Shailesh,

    Whenever you are having problems sending push notifications to your app, it's always a good idea to check the Error Console for your app.

    The Error Console can be located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. 

    If there is any problems with your configuration, you'll be able to see the feedback there.

    I looked at your app, and it appears there are these types of errors:

    "Received push with invalid authorization on platform GCM"

    That usually means the configuration values you have for that app are incorrect.

    In order to resolve that issue, please see the GCM/FCM Troubleshooting guide

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