We have added a new group tag (app).

So for example a user data looks as following:

"named_user_id": "12b0-dbf9-41cd-844e-0ec8cf9731e6",
"tags": {
"notifications_setting": [
"app": [
"created": "2017-03-01T17:10:26",
"last_modified": "2017-03-01T17:10:30",
"channels": []


From now on, this is a mandatory tag so each push request must contain corresponding filter (selector) with 'app' value.

We need to define a default value for all existing users (otherwise notifications will not work for existing users).

As I understand one way to implement it is:

1. Get all users using api/named_users

2. Set the default value per each user from 1


I am looking for a simpler way (as setting tag value for all users).

Any best practices for our case?





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  • Hi,

    Just to be sure I understand the request. You're wanting to be able to set, on all of your users, the tags within the "app" tag group, is that correct?

    If so, I would usually recommend doing that through the app code instead. So, when the user performs some action, the SDK can handle automatically adding those "default" tags to that user.

    If that's not possible, that's definitely okay. You can add those tags via the method you mentioned, that is, using the API to set the "default" tags for each user.

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