Difference in behavior of Quiet Time for iOS vs Android

The Knowledge Base article on Quiet Time (https://support.urbanairship.com/hc/en-us/articles/213491423-About-Quiet-Time?flash_digest=7b65436d0676b5f3ee1ac2c0148f1e3a289dea78) states:

"Quiet time is the ability to stop delivery of Push Notification alerts and sounds (badges are still delivered) during a specified time window."

This would imply that the notification is sent and accessible from the Notification Center. On Android, that's the behavior we're seeing - the push goes through silently but still appears in the Notification Center. However, on iOS the push doesn't go through at all and there is no evidence on the device that the push was ever sent.

Is this how Quiet Time is supposed to behave on iOS?

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  • Yes, this is the expected behavior of Quiet Time. The behavior of the feature is different depending on the platform.

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  • We have planned to use this feature on both the platforms for our App. The SDK documentation and the explanation in this post seems like a contradiction. Can someone please help in understanding how Quiet Time works in each of the Platforms.

    1. Will the push be sent from Urban Airship during Quiet Hours ? Will it reach the client ?

    2. Are the sounds muted on the client during Quiet Hours ?

    3. Are these pushes still accessible from Notification Center ?

    Please answer these for both Android and iOS platforms. Is there any demo app (1st flight..) to experience this behaviour ?

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