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Dynamic push notification

Tripon Eugen

For the moment we use Starter version in our tests and below are few cases were we need advice.

1. In our application once a new video is posted we need to get the Channel name of that video so that we can send a notification to all the users who follow that channel. What is the best approach using urban for this situation (tag, audience list, ....)

2. Once a video reaches a number of likes we should send a notification to owner.

We have to send 2 variables A=x and B=y so that we can create a list of actions like:
a) if A=100 (
b) then send a notification to B
We've found how to implement a) but not b)

3. For the same example as above(2), which is the API call for sending A and B? Can this be made using API Custom Events?


All the notification should be created in the dashboard, a manager can create any automatic message (for ex if the video reach X number of views/likes/...)

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Hi Tripon, 

Let me go through your questions one at a time. 

1. If you want to send a push to all the users that are subscribed to a Channel, I would recommend tagging those users with the Channel name when they subscribe. You can then send a message to that tag informing the users of the new video. 

2. Please could you give me some more detail on this use case, I'm not sure if I fully understand what you are trying to do and why?

3. If you were to set these message up as Automated Messages then you would use the Automation API, but I would like to know more about (2) before giving any solid recommendations.

Aidan Hickman 0 votes

2) We want to send notifications to the content creator once the number of views/likes/... reach a number

For ex, a user post a a video and users start to like it.  When the number of likes reach 10,100,1000 ... we want to notify the owner about it. 

I think that we need to call the urban API (which one?) and send two variables, number_of_likes =100 and user_id= tag_user_id_23. In automation we can check the number_of_likes but how can we tell to send notification only to a specific tag (in my example tag_user_id_23) 

The questions is the same for 1). Where I can specify when we create automatic message in dashboard, to send the notification to all users who have the tag X or Y



Tripon Eugen 0 votes


From what you have described, it sounds like it may be easier for you to trigger those messages from your end. I say this because, the number of likes on a video is not really a behaviour of the user which is what Automations are designed for.

Assuming that your system will know about the number of likes on a video, it seems that sending a push from your server when ever a video reaches these limits might be the best solution. 

Please let me know if you have any questions on this. 

Aidan Hickman 0 votes