Unable to access API form corporate server

Hi Team,
I'm trying to access http API to fire automated push from corporate server which is behind proxy,
can you people please share the server ip and port number so that we can allow to url on firewall.

Om Kesarwani

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  • Hi Om-

     Thanks for posting your question about accessing our APIs.  We have a widely distributed edge network that requires access by DNS only as the underlying IP addresses will tend to change from time to time so that if you resolve a current IP address underlying go.urbanairship.com, that IP address may work for a period of time before it is no longer available to you and then your access will stop until you manually change your IP again.

    We recommend against accessing our service by IP address only and strongly suggest to use our DNS hostname of go.urbanairship.com as the only method to reliably access or service.

    We understand that some firewalls or proxy servers may be limited in functionality and only allow access rules based on IP address only.  

    We have a knowledge base article that discusses this topic in more depth with some possible manual workarounds that you might be able to achieve.

    What is the static IP address of go.urbanairship.com?

    Thank you,


    Urban Airship Technical Support

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