Push notification popup not received for some android devices

In my project some of android devices, notification is not popup in status bar. Message been received in onPushReceived method .Device getting only notification sound but no any pop up in status bar.I have verified GCM key ,secret etc. In fact some devices getting popup as well. 

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  • Rahul,

    It seems you're building your own notifications using the Custom Notification Factory? 

    Do you perhaps happen to have any code you could share with regards to how you're building the notification?

    Additionally, have you tried replicating this with the Default Notification Factory?

  • Am not implemented any notification factory since urban airship sdk automatically pop up notification.the problem is in some devices pop up not coming but received notification sound and message.

  • Rahul,

    I saw in one of your other tickets that you mentioned you're using a Custom Notification Center. This suggests you're modifying the display of the push, which could be causing the issue you're running into.

    Would you mind elaborating on your Custom Notification Center and how you're implementing that?


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