Production Device Token not populated on UA portal


The device token for my production app is not set under "Audience" -> Device Tokens.
It is being persisted when I run the app in Xcode (please see screen shot)
This is working fine for my development app (Device Tokens. are register and Push Notifications are sent).
I also performed the following troubleshooting actions:
1. Verified no errors are reported in the Error Console.
2. Verified my App key/secret are correct
3. Verified the device is registered when running Xcode( I'm receiving the UA device token via Xcode console)
4. Verified my app is correctly configured per these documents:


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  • Hi Magela,

    Would you be able to attach your Xcode logs here?

    The reason I ask for that is because that will let us see what the app is actually doing, and will help me find two things:

    1) Your Device Token and

    2) Which app your App Key your Device Token is registering under.

    Let us know at your earliest convenience and we'll take a look!

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  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your assistance. I was able to resolve this issue on my own.

    It was attributed to automatic signing under Xcode 8.3.3. Once I signed manually, I was able to push using my non-development scheme.








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  • Magela,

    Glad you were able to resolve it!

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