customize the contents of message center message


question for customizing the contents of message center message

- how to customize the contents of message center message
    * how to change the font of text content in rich message, (like, one font for some text and other font for other text)
    * can we implement text with underline with Action Link(deep link) rather than Button?


- can I send custom html for message center message?

thank you


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  • Hi Andrew,

    The Message Center itself can be customized however you like!

    By modifying the DefaultMessageCenterStyle class, you can customize such things as the font, the sizing, and the color of the Message Center.

    As for the content for the Message Center message, since it is a HTML page, there are a couple of options to choose from.

    When crafting the message in the dashboard, you can use one of the standard text,image, or video templates which allow you to only modify the text, image, or video content. They would not allow for modifying the font, sizing, or color.

    However, if you want to be able to upload your own HTML content for the Message Center content, you certainly have that option!

    So, you create your HTML page in whatever font, size, color you want, including having an action link instead of a button.

    One thing I would recommend though, is if you do decide to upload your own HTML, that you take a look at our Custom HTML Templates guide. That guide will walk you through the Urban Airship Javascript interface such that you'll be able to call certain methods or actions within the Urban Airship SDK, if a user taps on a link or does something else within the message itself.

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