Channel ID is always set as opted out on iOS

Hi, I'm using the Xamarin SDK.  We're doing internal testing in testflight and I'm able to successfully register an iPad.  When I open the app it prompts if I want to allow notifications and I confirm yes.  Yet later when I lookup the channel id it shows the red opted out circle.

We we able to get the same deployment working on an iphone.

I've just updated the ipad to 10.3.3.  Things I've checked and double checked:

-the correct production key / secret is set and inProduction is set to true in AirshipConfig.plist

-Allow Notifications is indeed turned on in Settings -> Notifications -> [App] -> Allow Notifications

-notifications is turned on in testflight for the app.

Anything else I should be checking?

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  • Hi Adam,

    Could you check if UAirship.Push.UserPushNotificationsEnabled in your app is set to true? This is typically turned off by default and can prevent devices from registering for push.

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