Many question regarding Message Center


I'm using iOS SDK on my iOS app.

i. Is content of Message Center saved locally?
ii. Can I retrieve messages without using the out-of-the-box message center? 
iii. I would like to pull the message from Message Center manually and display them on custom UI. Am I doing it wrong?

    [[[UAirship inbox] messageList] retrieveMessageListWithSuccessBlock:^{

        NSArray *msgs = [[UAirship inbox] messageList].messages;

        for(int i=0;i< [msgs count];i++) {

            UAInboxMessage *msg = [msgs objectAtIndex:i];

            NSLog(@"title: %@", msg.title);

            NSLog(@"read?: %@", msg.unread ? @"Yes" : @"No");

            NSLog(@"rawMsg:%@", msg.rawMessageObject);

    } withFailureBlock:^{        


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  • Hi Felix,

    Thank you for writing in with your questions about the Message Center.

    The Message Center is a feature included in our Comprehensive plan. If you are on this plan, please submit a ticket to us via and we will be happy to assist you there, as it is a better medium for us to support these types of questions.

    Please let me know if there are any additional details I can provide.

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