Silent push notification not received on android device

Silent push notification is not received on android device even after adding collapse key, while it is working fine with iOS device.

Push notification with content and in-app messages are working fine.


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  • Vipin,

    Silent Notifications work differently on Android than they do on iOS. 

    In order for the notification to arrive on the device, there needs to be something included within the payload that is sent with Android. A silent notification with no content other than the collapse key would not work, as it needs some other key/value pairs to go along with this. This is the primary use case for silent notifications, sending data to the app rather than a notification.

    First, you'll need to turn on Custom Keys within your configuration settings in your UA Project:<Insert your app key here>/config/

    Then, go back in to the composer, and you should see a "Custom Keys" option under the Content section. You can include some key/value pairs in that section. Once you do that, you should see that properly delivered to the device.

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