Activity report only shows android as being the only platform sent to

When I open up my activity report I see only android messages that were sent to users...   but my apple users are in fact getting messages...  Is there a filter somewhere that I need to change?

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  • Hi Jaydel,

    I took a look at the payloads for a few of the push notifications in the Activity Log for the Liquor Flip app. It looks like it shows sends to only Android because Android is the only device type being specified in the payload:

        "device_types": [
        "notification": {
            "alert": "WJ1: SUCCESFULLY EXECUTED."
        "audience": {
            "and": [
                    "named_user": ""

    Your iOS users might be receiving messages from other push notifications, such as the ones listed on the Messages Overview page. If you add ios to the device_types field, you should see messages go out to iOS users in the Activity Log as well.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Best regards,
    Jenn Miller

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