Not able to get urbanairship.notification_opened event when app is closed in cordova platform

I'm using cordova platform  and when app is closed Not able to get urbanairship.notification_opened event, I need this event to get value from extra object for navigation to respective module of application.

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  • Hi Om,

    Can I confirm that analytics is turned on for your Cordova app? You determine this by looking for these lines of code in your config.xml file:

    <!-- Enable Analytics when the application launches -->
    <!-- Warning: Features that depend on analytics being enabled may not work properly if analytics is disabled (reports, location segmentation, region triggers, push to local time). -->
    <preference name="com.urbanairship.enable_analytics" value="true | false" />

    Thank you. I look forward to your response!

    Best regards,
    Jenn Miller
    Technical Support Engineer | Portland, OR

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  • Hi Jenn,

    Yes, analytics is turned on for my Cordova app.



    Om Kesarwani.

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