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Audio/Video Notification

Zach Perry

I  tried to push a Video notification in two different ways, Here is the url that is from google shared drive

1) Media option:

It says invalid url, It looks like it is expecting the url to end with video extension like .mp4 or .mov

2) Rich page

It accepts as valid Video url to save but from preview it is not working.

Any help would be appreciated.

I would also like to know information about CDN enabled account?


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Hi Zach,

Thank you for posting your question in our Community Forum.

Google does not provide direct links to files in a Google Shared Drive as the intent of this service is not as a CDN or for public web hosting. Checkout this article from their Developer Blog for more information. is one possible low cost alternative for hosting video and other media for use in notifications.

Checkout our Pricing page for information about our plans that include our CDN service. You will see that our Essential and Comprehensive plans will include this service.

Brian G
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