Passbook P12 Update Not Working



I am trying to upload new P12 since my previous one is expiring, and it is saying"You uploaded a development certificate for a production app!"


This is a production certificate because you can only generate Production certificates from the Apple portal.


Please advise,



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  • Hi Fiona,

    It sounds like you may be uploading your Passbook certificate in the wrong area.

    The Engage platform is where you would end up uploading a certificate intended for iOS Apps, which make the distinction between Development and Production.

    The Reach platform is where you would need to upload your Passbook certificate, since that is intended to be used with Apple Wallet, which does not make that same distinction.

    When you're logged in, you'll want to make sure the top of your screen shows that "Reach" is highlight, like the above screenshot ^.

    Once there, you can start following the Getting Started steps for Reach.


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  • Oh right! This must be new, since I have been using Passbook within Engage for years!


    Thanks for the guidance Michael. I will do that.

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