My current scenario:

1: User installs application, accepts notifications.

2: User uninstalls application. 

3: A message is sent out to all devices. 

4: The user's device still exists in the UA Audience as Active. 

Shouldn't the device be inactive now? At what point will UA realize this device is no longer active, and when it does will it be removed from the audience or still exist but set to Status: Inactive. 





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  • Justin,

    Typically, when a user uninstalls the application on their device, and a subsequent push was sent to that device, we will receive feedback from Apple or Google that that device is no longer valid. We will will then mark that device as inactive.

    Typically that feedback occurs almost immediately after that push has been sent.

    I did do some digging on your account, and I did find some oddities that could be messing with your testing. 

    Specifically, I found in your Error Console (Located in the bottom right-hand corner of the UA dashboard) that indicates that you have Rejected Device Tokens from Apple. This usually is a result of the implementation for your app. If that is not correct, then we're unable to send a push to the right device.

    In order to straighten out that little snag, I would recommend verifying everything in our Rejected Device Token guide before testing out that scenario again.

  • Hi Michael, 

    The device in the error log makes sense, in testing we switched out some certs/app bundles(if there is a way to delete that device manually that would be great). The other device is valid and no longer has the application installed. Would the failure with the 1st device cause the other one not to be set correctly with it's status? 

  • Justin,

    Yes, it's very possible for that to occur, especially if you have been switching out certificates and app bundles. Those things are very finicky, so if you change it and don't correctly modify other configurations in your app, you could very well run into situations like this. 

  • So then how does one go about removing that bad device from UA?

  • Justin,

    You cannot remove it from the Device Tokens page I'm afraid (without creating a new app in the dashboard of course).

    You can fix the issue by fixing the underlying Rejected Device Token issue so that it doesn't happen on your test devices anymore. That should allow us to be able to properly mark that device as inactive and thus continue receiving feedback from Apple about your uninstalled devices. Once that device is marked as inactive, we will no longer send to it, unless of course that device installs the app again.

  • Justin,

    I doubt you're still facing this problem (maybe somebody else will find this and be helped), but it looks like Airship now allows the removal of channels and named users via their API which would be very useful for cleaning up stuff during testing. See the API docs here:



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