Integrating SQL Server with Urban Airship

We are in the process of developing an iOS app (Swift) that communicates with a SQL Server database through PHP scripts.  We want to include push notifications in our app that messages a user when a change to the database is made.  However, our team does not know how to have Urban Airship and the SQL Server database communicate with one another.  We would like to check the database every five minutes (probably with a PHP script) and check if a user's data has been modified.  If a change is noticed, then we want Urban Airshipto send a notification to the user.

Sorry if this is a relatively simple question to ask, but our team would greatly appreciate any suggestions or feedback you might have.

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  • Hi Taylor,

    May I suggest taking a look at our Server PHP Library?

    That server libraries is directly connected to Urban Airship's APIs, allowing to you send and schedule pushes as well as pull down reporting, should you need that info.

    This should allow you to effectively have your PHP script check the database on your end, and when the user's data has changed, you can invoke the push methods of our PHP library to send a push to that user.

    There is one thing I would recommend having in place before you go down this path though. Make sure that your database, or something on your end, is able to identify the Urban Airship Channel ID or Named User(if you have that integrated). This will be important for your push requests so you can send a push to the appropriate device/user.

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