Deep link of urban airship using PHP is not working

Hello Community,

I am trying to send push notification using deep link parameters but unfortunately it is not working for me. I'm using PHP and curl and my params are:

$params = array("audience"=> "all", "notification" => array("alert" => "Push notification from PHP", "actions" => array("app_defined" => array("^+t" => "sec:147", "content" => ""))), "device_types" => array("android")); $x = executeCurl('/push/', 'POST', $params); print_r($x);

Actually I want to parse these params to my PHP code.

I want to use all params of pic in my PHP code so can you advice me how to do this?

Thank you,

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  • Hi bhaskar,

    Just to be clear, the "Set Tags" in the screenshot you attached are not used for sending additional parameters in your push notifications.

    Those Tags are used for User preferences in your app, or used for sending push to a segment of your audience.

    Additionally, to send a Deeplink with parameters, what you'll want to do is set up your Deeplink to accept parameters. Since a Deeplink is a URL, you might have something like:

    In your PHP code, this might look like:

    $params = array("audience"=> "all",

    "notification" => array("alert" => "Push notification from PHP",

    "actions" => array("open" => array("type" => "url", "content" => ""))), "device_types" => array("android"));

    $x = executeCurl('/push/', 'POST', $params);



    Also, remember that the actions you choose must correspond to one of the app open actions in the Urban Airship API docs

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