Sending pushes to Authed Users

Does UA provide any integrations which would allow us to prevent messages from being sent to a user that has logged out of their account and to repopulated if the user does log back in?

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  • Hi hlupico,

    Urban Airship does support a feature called Tags which would allow you to effectively "tag" a user with the state of "logged_in" or "logged_out".

    Based off of the state of that tag, you could send a push to only users who are logged in.

    However, with regards to the re-population of those messages, that's not something that Tags support.

    What you could do, in this case, is look at our Message Center product. The Message Center is a persistent Inbox for that device that can house HTML Rich messages that you can display to users who are only logged in. Users who are logged out, you could create logic in the app to never display the Message Center to.

    The Message Center is a paid feature for our Enterprise customers, so if you're interested in this feature, you may contact our Sales team at our pricing page

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