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When attempting to create new iOS test devices, we are pulling each individual phone's UDID and inputting them via the "Test Devices" input. After inputting three devices and clicking "Save" we receive the error message "Device Identifier is Invalid", however cannot understand what would be causing this error message through the documentation provided. Are UDIDs no longer a valid identifier for iOS test devices and if so, what should we be inputting to create new test devices?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • Hey Brandon, great question. UDIDs are not supported as device Identifiers for iOS devices so that is why you are noticing that error when trying to save them as test devices. 

    What we recommend using as a device identifier are Channel Ids, all devices have a persistent Id and they are assigned to every device that has the application installed. Here are some further details about Channels - and the Channels API -m

    Hopefully, that helps! 

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  • Thanks, Ken. What is the best method of identifying an individuals channel ID to set a segment of test devices? Would it be email address as the first document specifies? We have a group of new individuals on our team that we are attempting to create a test segment on both iOS and Android and any direction you can provide would be helpful.

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