Android push notification not received on device

We are trying to integrate Airship and Firebase(both providers) into react native application. Successful in iOS, receiving both Airship and Firebase notifications in the app and on the device.
But for Android, Airship notifications are not received on the device, from Firebase receiving on the device.
When I debug both the notifications are received in the setBackgroundMessageHandler method and Firebase notifications are received on the device. Airship notifications are not received on the device.

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  • In the React Native app, successful integration of Airship and Firebase for iOS also check a movie streaming app PikaShow. However, on Android, Airship notifications aren't reaching the device, although Firebase notifications are received. Debugging shows both notifications in setBackgroundMessageHandler, indicating an issue specific to Airship on Android.

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  • Experiencing issues with Android push notifications not being received on your device? Ensure that your app has the necessary permissions to send notifications and that the device's notification settings are configured correctly. Check for any battery optimization settings that may be preventing notifications from being delivered in the background. Additionally, karama day to day verify that the app is not being restricted by any third-party security or antivirus apps installed on the device. Troubleshoot connectivity issues and ensure that the device has a stable internet connection. For further assistance, consult the app's support resources or contact your device manufacturer for guidance on resolving notification issues.

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