Uninstallation - Android device still showing as active


After uninstalling an Android App, the device is still listed as "active" in the Android Channels report.  Should this be the case?  i thought that the un-installation would be recognized and the device ID set to inactive,etc?


Can you confirm the expected behaviour?






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  • Hi Richard,

    This is Aaron with Urban Airship Technical Support. Thank you for your post about Android device uninstall behavior.

    What you are seeing is expected behavior. We do not collect information about the installed state of an Android device unless there is an attempt to deliver a notification to that device. This is an limitation of the GCM platform which does not provide any information about the device state until there is an attempted notification delivery. If the application has been uninstalled, we do then collect information from GCM and mark the device as inactive in Urban Airship systems.

    The same holds true for iOS/APNS as well.

    I hope you find this information helpful.

    My Best,
    Aaron Schuman
    Technical Support Engineer, Portland


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