With the new Marshmallow Doze and Standby state, how do I send HIGH priority GCM messages to Android devices so they can still process notifications in a Doze or Standby state.


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  • Thank you for writing in with your question about sending high priority messages with Marshmallow Doze and Standby state. At this time, our system does not support this feature. We do have this on our road map and are working on getting this added. We will update this post when we have more information about when this will be added.

  • We are now supporting this. Please see our documentation here: http://docs.urbanairship.com/api/ua.html#android-l-features

  • Hello Misty, 

    Just FYI, I opened the link you provided but I don't see the documentation on the delivery_priority flag.   Maybe it's still updating, but just wanted to let you know just in case other developers are looking for documentation on this.  


    But overall, we've started using it on our project and it works great.  Thank you.

  • Yes, i'm looking at this configuration too, because some of messages sent from my API need to have high priority and must be received while in Doze Mode too.

    But the current integer "priority" field on documentation does not have any relation with GCM string priority property right?

  • We addd "delivery_priority" that allows you to send high priority GCM messages. While "priority" was added to support notification display priority. Docs: http://docs.urbanairship.com/api/ua.html#android


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