In our app everything about push notifications works perfectly except one device -Asus zenfone 2, Android 5.0-.

Let suppose that our app is running on the foreground, all the devices can get the notifications without any problem (including asus phone)

Let suppose again that our app is killed by the user and removed from the tasks. In this particular case, all devices except asus zenfone 2 get notifications if server sends message. 

We tried almost everything to understand the reason

like installing the device from fabric settings,

checking the whole process with another new created user

nothing has changed.

Do you have any idea why this is happening? 






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  • Mustafa,

    It's not unexpected for an Android device to stop receiving notifications if the app is killed by the user, since this can and will stop push notification services from running on the app, thus the device will be unable to receive push notifications for that app.

    In addition to that, denying auto-start may prevent the device from restarting the app, which also means that you would be unable to receive push notifications for that app. This appears to be a Zenfone specific feature that users can turn on/off on the device.

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  • thanks Michael, it started to work having turned our app on


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