Changing GCM Project Causing Problems

I recently created a new GCM project with google and thus updated the gcmSender number in my app and the GCM API key with urban airship. For some reason, I cant receive push notifications with this GCM project though. If I switch back to my first GCM project, things still work fine.

Is there an issue with updating the GCM project used for a specific app?

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  • Hi Zachary,

    Usually there are no problem with updating the GCM project that is used for a specific app. Just be sure to uninstall and reinstall the application to ensure the changes take effect on the device.

    Since you created a new GCM project, you'll want to be sure you've enabled the correct APIs for that project, as there appear to be unauthorized errors coming from one of your apps. This usually stems from not enabling the Google Cloud Messaging API for that particular project, or creating the incorrect API Key (It should be a Server Key, not an Android or Browser key).


  • Thanks for the help. You were correct, the issue was that I forgot GCM is not enabled by default on a new project.

  • No problem! Happy to help!


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