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  I integrated successfully push apis.  But i have an issue, like Suddenly push notifications are not delivered to devices.  But i am getting getting continuously success from api response. After some hours, again it is working fine(Delivered to devises).  Can anybody please help me get me out of it asap ? OR Is there any particular condition (Like maximum usage for day or limitation of demo account, etc.). Please let me know if  any thing need from my side to check.

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  • Hi Rajesh-

    Thanks for posting with your inquiry.  To get started, we can say that we do not have any delivery restrictions for apps on our free service tiers.  I see on the back end that most of your pushes are not including an alert payload.   Also, our API will give you a 200 OK response for any correctly formatted API call.  A 200 OK doesn't mean that a push will be sent to a device, however as in this case, silent (pushes without an alert) do send to the device, but you won't see an alert.

    I recommend sending an alert payload with your push request so that something shows up on the device, or you could connect your test device your debugger console and see what's going on.

    Here are a couple of troubleshooting guides to help you out more:

    GCM Troubleshooting Guide - https://support.urbanairship.com/entries/70861233

    Android Troubleshooting Docs - http://docs.urbanairship.com/reference/troubleshooting/android-troubleshooting.html

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