Google Play Services 9.0.0+ support

I am trying to integrate newer Google Auth apis in Google play services 9.0.0 however, when I upgraded from 6.2.+ -> 7.1.+, I haven't been able to receive any push messages from UA. I followed the migration steps that were in the documentation and was successful in doing the following:


  1. UA takeoff with success callback setting enabling push messages and user push messages
  2. Receiving Channel registration success

After that, when I send messages through UA or our own backend that triggers UA, I don't receive any messages in the onPushReceived() or onNotificationPosted().


Please let me know if you have identified a problem in this area since Google updated their services.

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  • Hi Michael,

    I took a look, and it appears that you may be mixing up your App Keys.

    You sent a push using your Production app to your Channel ID  d0a738a6-505a-4f72-85b0-65ee725c1de2, but that Channel ID does not exist in your Production app. Instead, that Channel ID only exists on your PushDemo Development app, and I don't see any recent pushes on that application.

    Can you confirm if this is the case?

  • Thanks Michael. Coming from 6.2, I used to create AirshipConfigOptions and I think maybe setting to production all the time. I'll be checking. Thanks!

  • Michael,

    No problem! Let me know if changing it fixes anything!

  • Oh you're right Mike. Thanks!

  • No problem! Happy to help!


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