Push with many tags (1000+) taking hours to reach devices

We need to send a push message to multiple tags (circa 1000 type OR). We are finding that it can take 2-3 hours for the message to reach devices.

I understand that more than 15 tags can take time, but hours seems excessive.

Can we do anything to improve the time? Is there a plan where we can upgrade for priority pushes?


Scott Wilson-Billing

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  • Hi Scott,

    Usually, we don't recommend sending to more than 1000 tags at a time since, yes, it can a long time to process.

    Depending on how you have your requests set up to send to tags, it could be delaying your pushes quite a lot, especially if there are a lot of complex elements in it. 

    Though, sending to 15 tags should still be relatively quick.

    We'd love to get a better understanding of your use case though, and that way we can possibly find a better, more faster way to send to a segment of your audience.

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