I'm just trying to view Named Users using the Device Lookup function of the UA interface.

For lots of users (thousands) I'm just getting the created/modified info and then "Loading..." underneath but no more info appears. I've tried lots of named users and nothing comes up. This is in our production environment and I know the Named Users in question are using our App. See attached file "named-user-lookup-bad.png" for example.

Not sure if this is a problem with our App or I'm missing something obvious? See attached file "named-user-lookup-good.png" for example of how I expect it should look (FYI I am Named User "1").




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  • Hi Neil,

    The Device Look-up likely won't have the associations listed immediately, so you might avoid using the UI to do a device look-up until a few minutes have passed, especially if you are making the associations via the API.

    Instead, what might be better to use, is the Named User API endpoint to look for that Named User and the associated Channel ID info.

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